A Year in Review

2016 has been a hard year for Pure Heart as we’ve gone through growing pains.  But we have also accomplished so much!  As a new year starts, we’ve been reviewing the past year and have been amazed at all that has happened.

With the income of an average US family we have managed to:

  1. Feed the Hungry: 
    With your help, we served right around 73,000 home cooked meals.
  2. Visit the Sick: 
    With your help we met the medical needs of the children we work with and their families as we could.
    Medical assistance included: 

    • Ambulance / emergency rides (availability 24/7/365)
    • Dr. visits
    • ER visits
    • Medicine
    • Food, toiletries, ransister radios and fans for patients
    • Surgeries: 1 eye, 2 dental, 2 babies, 1 hernia, 1 ruptured disc, and 1 foot.
  3. Clothe the Naked:
    With your help we clothed over 3,100 children.
  4. Teach: 
    With your help we gave out 35 scholarships.  10 children graduated to Kindergarten in the Public School system.  We also had a kid’s club of around 60 kids in the neighborhood on Saturday afternoons.  We were able to witness the graduation of Reina Tiffer from Medical School.  She was a little 8 year old girl in our program when we very first started.
  5. Celebrate:
    With your help we celebrated the birthdays and Christmas’ of 225 children with parties, cake, piñatas, games, presents, and school supplies for the upcoming year.
  6. Mourn:
    We have helped with the costs and the services of 11 funerals.
  7. Construct:
    We have helped with shoring up and roofing of several of our neighbor’s houses in the community.
  8. Solved Problems: 
    Everything from marriage counseling, rebellious teen counseling, to fixing transportation, water and electrical problems.  We are called to be problem solvers, not problem pointer outers!
  9. Love: (Most important)
    With your help children could witness first hand unconditional love.

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