Rainy Season

Washed down the drain

It’s rainy season here and we sure need it.  Nothing like the smell of Nicaragua after a daily cloud burst.

I love rainy season.  After every rain it’s like a new start.  It cools things off.  All the smog and stench is washed from the air.  The garbage is washed away from the streets.  Life is good… well that is for those who live up stream when everything is washed away.

Rainy season for the children living in the garbage dump is not so good.  All the filth from the streets are washed into big sand/mud bars where the beautiful children we work with live.  The smells, although diminished, are still present, only to be exaggerated as soon as the sun heats up the mud again.  The children play in the rain, wash off.  It’s fun to see, I jump right in the mud puddles with them.  Nothing like seeing a bald, overweight, sixty year old guy doing the ‘surf stomp’ in a mud puddle.  This is much to the children’s delight and to my wife’s dismay!

These will kids never have a good life without the help from someone on the outside.  They have been robbed of their childhood and their future.  Their parents are indifferent to their suffering because they have had to suffer too.  It’s a generational thing.  They are fatalists.  Even when we find an opportunity for a child to leave the dump, their family finds ways to impede their progress.

That is where we at Pure Heart Children’s Fund come in.  We are here to re-design their lives through health, nutrition, education and counseling.  Children need to have someone to run to, count on.  They need to have healthy meals to consume daily.  We want them to be educated and healthy so they make good decisions, not survival decisions.  The children are considered at-risk because their poverty forces them to make risky choices just to eat.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Dean Peters

Tiffanie feher


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