Lunch Time!

5 Year Anniversary

5 years! Pure Heart Children’s Fund is now 5 years old! We have served over 240,000 meals to the impoverished children that live along the city dump.  It hasn’t been easy, we’ve gone through a lot: a couple of moves, sicknesses, becoming a 501c3, death, car repairs, growing pains.  You

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Thank you to Rain Agency for coming to our center and throwing an amazing party for the niños we work with!  Face painting, piñatas, balloon animals, and balls. You guys rock! Thanks for thinking of the children at Pure Heart.  The children have a lot of stresses in their lives.  It’s nice

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Rainy Season

Washed down the drain It’s rainy season here and we sure need it.  Nothing like the smell of Nicaragua after a daily cloud burst. I love rainy season.  After every rain it’s like a new start.  It cools things off.  All the smog and stench is washed from the air.  The

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About Pure Heart Children's Fund

501c3 Approval

We are very excited to announce that we are officially a 501(c)3! After over a year long process we have finally been approved as an official 501(c)3 non-profit!  We are thankful for the hard work that everyone has put in for us to get where we are.  And we are very

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What we do

We are dedicated to giving hope to at-risk children, living in poverty in Nicaragua.  We often see children forced to make dangerous decisions because of their poverty and living situation.  The more we help, the less children will have to compromise themselves in order to live. My name is Dean Peters.

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