When a plan comes together perfectly.  

When Roger was a little boy, he was playing in his front yard and found a grenade.  They started throwing it back and forth but when Roger caught it, it exploded.  He suffered major shrapnel damage, lost an eye, and 2 fingers.  Roger has been through a lot.  We were able to get a prosthetic eye for Roger a few years ago and it has worked great.  Roger recently went through a growth spurt and rapidly outgrew his prosthetic eye.  We knew we needed to help him again but the problem was the ocularist that originally provided the prosthetic was no where to be found!

We tried a few other solutions but none were working out.  A friend of Pure Heart and optician, Dr. David Bressette, had a small opening (only a 36 hour stay in Nicaragua) in his schedule and volunteered to come down to help.  Around the same time, we were able to get ahold of the original ocularist who created Roger’s first eye.  He quickly created 2 prosthetic eyes for Roger and sent them to David.

David booked a flight and was ready to come down… except he needed special medicated eye drops to prevent infection.  Dr. Bressette found out that a bottle of drops was $120/bottle and he would need 2 bottles and that they wouldn’t have any drops ready in time for his flight!  So frustrating.  The very next day, David was contacted by one of the technicians in his office.  A patient had cancelled their surgery and they just happened to have 2 extra bottles of medicine.

After a long flight and some delays, Dr. Bressette arrived in Nicaragua.  He only had a short time in Nicaragua.  He met with Roger and after prepping for about an hour, was able to install Roger’s new prosthetic eye!  Roger was beaming and very excited to have a prosthetic eye again.  His confidence is up and he looks like a different person.  We are so happy we were able to play a small part in helping Roger and are very thankful for everyone that came together to make this happen.

Tiffanie feher


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