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We are dedicated to giving hope to at-risk children, living in poverty in Nicaragua.  We often see children forced to make dangerous decisions because of their poverty and living situation.  The more we help, the less children will have to compromise themselves in order to live.

My name is Dean Peters.  My background is military (US army), and car sales.  I have been a Nicaragua Fan going on 4 decades now.

Although this ‘land of lakes and volcanoes’ is breathtakingly beautiful, the most beautiful resource here is the children.  Specifically, the street children, just working hard to survive.  I have been focused on helping them since I first saw them many years ago.  It is my desire to increase awareness of the plight of the child living in poverty in third world countries, specifically Nicaragua.

We start with feeding and protecting them.  Then schooling.  We have a preschool for the younger kids and the rest we help with backpacks and school supplies.  We encourage children to study.  We also try to help them with medical emergencies.

Our big hopes for the future would include a working farm and a full boarding school and we hope to achieve it with help from our supporters.

It can be frustrating how slow things move sometimes, but we all do our little part and that grows into something bigger.  And that is our hope for Pure Heart.

Tiffanie feher


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